Youngblood’s Mid-Year Beauty Resolutions

If you, like probably half the world’s population, have dropped many of your New Year’s resolutions, consider this your wakeup call! Time to jump back on the bandwagon and re-promise ourselves to stick to the beauty resolutions we made on the last day of the year… Here’s what we will be swearing by in the second half of this year

Removing Makeup Before Bed. 

Likely one of (if not the biggest) beauty sin out there, and we think 100% of us are guilty of it. Your skin needs to breathe overnight, renewing itself for the day ahead. Wearing makeup to bed will only block this process from happening, and thus your skin’s surface will not be so nice in the morning. Avoid horrible side effects to lazy girl syndrome by removing all remnants of makeup and cleansing your skin for a hydrating and comfortable sleep.

Taking Time to Apply Makeup Properly. 

Around one month after making this resolution to wake up earlier and apply your flawless base not with your rushed fingers, but the right brush and blending in well, this one seems to drop off. Rushed mornings just aren’t our thing, so we are going to make this resolution work. And luckily, we know we can with our incredibly comfortable mineral formulas and luxurious foundation brushes that make our mornings so easy.

Wear Bright Lipstick More Often. 

How often do you walk out the door and forget that you didn’t apply a slick of lipstick? Us too… You won’t see our lips only half covered by our foundation anymore, because with our 30+ shades of incredible Youngblood Lipsticks, we have a shade for every day of the month! We’re thinking bold and daring with Seduce, or bright and colourful with Charm…

Wearing SPF. 

The most important step that we all seem to completely forget! With Youngblood’s mineral formulas that contain natural sun protection ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, it is easy to forget that your skin is not completely protected! But exposure to damaging UVA/UVB rays can accelerate signs of ageing and pigmentation. We’re investing in an added SPF this half of the year to only increase the benefits of our vegan Loose Mineral Foundation formulas.

Going Makeup Free Sometimes. 

While our mineral formulas are not only ultra-breathable and natural, but great for your skin, it’s always a good feeling when you give your skin a break from daily application. But don’t skimp on the skincare factor. Spritz our Minerals in the Mist to your bare face for an instant hit if hydration and dewy skin all day long. You’ll look like you just had a facial.

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