Choosing the best highlighter for you

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that highlighting has been under the spotlight for a while now, thanks to super-popular contouring and strobing trends and highlighter is now a must have in any makeup kit! A highlighter is your go-to product if you’re looking to create a healthy glow; place it where the light naturally hits your face and count on it to draw attention away from any imperfections you might have. These days highlighters come in many different forms, including liquids, crème sticks and powders, making the task of finding the right one for you even trickier. But fear not, we’re here to help!   

Fair skin tones

When it comes to a highlighter for pale, light and fair skin tones, we recommend opting for a silver or lilac toned highlighter with a light pigment that will provide radiance to your complexion. Catch the light like only a diamond can with Youngblood’s Illuminator with Diamond Powder. Infused with black diamonds, this highlighter boasts luxe skin nutrients marula oil and orange oil, and the innovative and lightweight cream texture melts into the skin to create a beautiful, soft focus glow.

Application: Best applied with fingers, this highlighter can be used alone, layered on top of your foundation or blended with your favourite Youngblood foundation for a subtle sheen.

Medium and olive skin tones 

For medium to olive skin tones we suggest leaning towards warm champagne and pinky, peachy colours that give a sun-kissed glow and Youngblood’s Illuminate Palette is the perfect choice. This collection of six lightweight oil-free and easy-to-blend pearlescent cream shades can be worn alone or on top of your favourite foundation and the range of shades can also be used as blushes and eyeshadows! With this palette, it’s all about the natural play of light on the face that creates a soft, radiant look.

Application: Apply the Illuminate shades to areas where light naturally hits your face.

  1. Using the Luxurious Blush Brush, apply the Pearl shade to upper cheekbone, brushing up to the temple. For added glow, go over your blush with Pearl, Natural, Pink or Peach.
  2. Using the Concealer Brush apply Pearl on the browbone to lift the eyebrow.
  3. Continue with the nose bridge, working from the forehead and following the T-zone until the chin.
  4. For the look of fuller lips, apply on the cupid’s bow above the lip line.
  5. For a healthy, luxurious look, use Bronze or Gold for a glowy finish.


Dark skin tones

Dark skin tones can have fun and play with richer highlighter tones like rose gold and bronze and we suggest looking for options that pack a punch of pigment while steering clear of frosty, white shades that make skin appear dull. We recommend Youngblood Lunar Dust – a multidimensional highlighting powder for face and body that boasts light-reflecting minerals that will add shimmer and shine to your face, legs, shoulders and décolletage. Sweep this highlighter onto your favorite features so they catch the light! 

Application: For a subtle effect, dust with Super Powder Brush over bare skin or makeup, especially over collarbones, cheekbones or on areas where the light naturally hits. For a more dramatic effect, use the Youngblood Kabuki Brush and sweep across the body, or blend with body lotion for high-voltage radiance.

Highlighting tips
  • Use the right tools. Use a medium tapered brush when applying highlighter to the cheekbones and a fan brush for smaller areas such as the bridge of the nose and cupids bow.
  • Use a light hand. Tap off excess powder before applying to minimize a heavy buildup and fall out.
  • Experiment! Add a touch of highlighter to your shoulders and collarbones for an extra glow.
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