Lipstick Shades to Improve your Mood

When it comes to your mood, there are a lot of things that can shift it at any moment. The colour theory holds that certain different shades and colours can affect our mind in similar ways, so why not apply this to your makeup?! Studies show that there is a lot of psychology to colour as a driver for how we behave and react. If this is the case, give us all the happy-making hues now!

If a red dress or red walls can ignite excitement and passion, why not a ruby red lipstick too? We’ve got the shades of lipstick that can turn your slow, dragging day into a ball of fun (yes, we promise).


Red is often seen as the colour of passion, but it is also about action. If your work day is dragging you down, and your mind feels a tad fried, a red lipstick can be just the thing to give you that energy kick you are after. Red is the perfect shade for you to boost energy at work, vitality and even courage, which, makes it the ideal shade for a first date!


This vibrant shade is supposedly related to our gut instincts, meaning it is the perfect hue for you if you’re a known indecisive person. It often offers emotional strength, making it the perfect shade to wear when you are down in the dumps.


The colour of love and romance, pink can often make you feel connected to close ones, as well as promoting intimacy and understanding with others. We feel particularly womanly and loving when wearing a bold, vivid fuchsia shade, like our new Charm lipstick!


Why do wizards wear purple cloaks and capes? Because purple represents magic, creativity and peace, making it the ideal leeway between red and blue moods, perfect for lifting your spirits. We find this the best shade when you are doing a presentation, as it not only calms your nerves, but it draws listeners to your mouth, making your speech much more impactful.


Blue is the colour of calm and composure, which is why it is often the colour of dentist rooms, and is associated with success. This makes it a perfect pick to wear for stressful days in the office (we suggest opting for a blue-toned pick hue, or a deep navy berry stain).


Serious, stable and down to earth. Feeling anxious? A soft latte hued brown, or neutral nude tone will ground you when you’re feeling especially nervous or flighty. Wearing something so close to your own lip colour is the perfect option when you are unsure and unstable.

Which lipstick shade would you be wearing today?

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