What is Diversion?
Many consumers do not know what diversion is but have probably witnessed it. Diversion occurs when Youngblood products are sold in unauthorized places that do not hold the same quality control standards and warranty as our authorized salons, spas, e-tailers and retailers. Genuine Youngblood products are sold only on youngbloodmineralcosmetics.com.au and authorized e-tailers, retailers, salons, and spas. Visit our store locator to find Youngblood makeup near you.

Why Diversion is Bad?
Diverted products can be counterfeit or old, diluted, or expired formulas that may not be safe to use. Youngblood products purchased from any store or channel not represented on our authorized stores list cannot be guaranteed to perform as tested and cannot be backed by our warranty.

Are You in Danger?
You could be. Contaminated, counterfeit, or expired products can cause irritation or even infection.

Unauthorized Sales Outlets: 
Strawberry Net
Cosmetics Now

Authorised Online Retailers:
Youngblood Official Website
Adore Beauty
Look Fantastic
Oz Hair & Beauty
Alive Skin & Hair

What is Youngblood Doing to Stop Diversion?
In order to ensure Youngblood consumers only receive the highest quality Youngblood products with a backed warranty and to protect Youngblood’s authorized salons, spas, and retailers, Youngblood continues in its commitment to aggressively combat diversion:

  • Exclusive product coding is used to track the movement of Youngblood products. This is the method for tracing products to industry diverters.
  • Ongoing intelligence procedures uncover diversion schemes, including those involving misuse of the Internet.