Are you Warm, Cool or Neutral? Discover your Skin's Undertones

Do you know your skin’s undertones? If you don’t, chances are you could very well be wearing the wrong foundation shade for your skin tone! Knowing your undertone is essential when selecting makeup, here’s how to find out if you are warm, cool or neutral:

Check those Veins.

Look at the colour of the veins in your wrists and palms. Are they mainly blue or mainly green? If they are a mixture of both, you are likely a neutral skin tone! Blue-purple veins often indicate cool (pink) undertones, whereas green veins associate with warmer (yellow) undertones.

Do you Burn or Tan?

While this may not always be accurate, it can give a good idea of your undertone based on how your skin responds to time in the sun. Skin with warmer undertones usually find they tan easily in the sun, while those with cooler complexions are more likely to burn. If you have a neutral undertone, you may often burn and then develop a tan.

How do you look in White?

Does wearing white wash you out or enhance your complexion? Crisp white usually looks more flattering on warm toned skin, while it can make cooler complexions look sallow or dull – off white or cream is usually more flattering on these cool-undertoned ladies. And if you are a neutral kind of gal, lucky you, you look great in both!

Find your Colour Match.

Did you know Youngblood has a colour matching ‘Foundation Finder’ test you can take to ensure you are receiving the right shade, tone and foundation type for your skin? Head over to this LINK NOW to find your next favourite foundation.

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