Why is Squalene so good for the skin?

If you’ve recently been on the hunt for some new skincare, or maybe a mineral makeup product, it’s probably likely that you’ve seen or heard the ingredient “squalene” being thrown around. But what exactly is squalene, how does it help the skin & what’s all the fuss about it?

What is Squalene?

Did you know that your body has a built-in system for moisturising your skin? You may have heard of it before, the sebaceous (oil) glands? To simplify things, Squalene is naturally produced by this these glands and to go a step further, put on our lab-coats and get a little science-y, Squalene is a poly-unsaturated hydrocarbon liquid.

Whilst we produce our own Squalene, unfortunately as we age, it begins to reduce its natural production rates (roughly around our early-20’s). Making it clear why beauty and skincare companies have made it their mission to formulate their products using this age-defying & hydrating ingredient.

So, now we know what Squalene is – what in the world is Squalane (notice how the ‘e’ changed to an ‘a’)?

Wait! Then what’s Squalane?

Squalane mimics your skin’s natural oils. It also has natural antioxidant properties, helping to protect your skin from environmental stressors, free radicals and carcinogens alike.

Yardia from Adore Beauty describes it perfectly, Squalane is like a “warm electric blanket” for your face. The harsh conditions of winter leave our skin feeling dehydrated and in desperate need of any moisturiser, oil or serum that will make it feel nourished. Add to that the burden of not having a foundation that supports all your hydrated skin wishes, dreams and goals – we can be left feeling as dull as a cold, mid-July winters day.

Lucky for you and the next YB customer, our Liquid Mineral Foundation is filled to the brim with this hero ingredient!

Skin benefits of Squalane

It’s not often that you find a holy grail ingredient that is suitable for all skin types, and that’s exactly why Squalane is so loved!

It has undeniable benefits;

  • Boosts hydration.
  • Makes skin appear bright and more vibrant.
  • Antioxidants found in Squalane help to fight skin damage.
  • Protects from free radicals that cause ageing.
  • Detoxifies skin.
  • Regular use boosts collagen production, resulting in firmer and younger-looking skin.

Squalene VS. Squalane



Derived from shark liver oil and vegetable oils

Derived from squalene via hydrogenation

Natural antioxidant

More stable than squalene as it is not subject to oxidization

Reduces fine lines and sun damage

Has a light consistency than squalene

Shorter shelf life

Best suited for oily and acne-prone skin

Best suited for dry skin

Reduces fine lines and dry patches


 Liquid Mineral Foundation with Squalane

Asides from being jam-packed with skincare-quality ingredients such as soothing Calendula, Green Tea, Cucumber and Cactus Flower, our much-loved liquid foundation also contains the beauty-industry’s current hot ingredient, Squalane.

Squalane balances oil production (meaning if your lacking it you’ll get a boost) while providing enough moisture to keep the skin clear, healthy and resilient.

Providing beautiful sheet to medium coverage with aluminous, supple finish – our Liquid Mineral Foundation will leave you with a flawless complexion whilst treating your skin to luxury

Say NO to unethical sourcing of Squalane

Whilst in its natural form of Squalene, it can be found in our own skin. So, it’s no surprise that it also can be found in animals too. Most commonly there are high concentrations of the sought-after ingredient in Shark liver and unfortunately, many companies poach these ocean animals to retrieve the Squalene. True to our animal cruelty free and vegan values here at Youngblood, our Squalane is all ethically sourced.

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